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Chrysalis Massage Clinic

Chrysalis Massage Clinic of Ashland Institute of Massage (AIM)

Attention Chrysalis Clients:

In order to keep all of our staff and clients safe, please review the following guidelines that are in place as we reopen our clinic.

~ Please bring your own mask/face covering to wear during their visit. They can be taken off while face down on the table.

**We can allow exemptions for some health conditions (asthma, physical or developmental disabilities (autism, Down’s syndrome).

~ Wait in your car until the therapist opens the Clinic door and invites you inside. Our waiting room is mandated closed by OHA and unfortunately cannot have clients congregating in the lobby.

~ Expect a temp check with a touch-less thermometer upon entering.

~ Please bring your own water bottle with you, as the water tower is out of commission as a sharing space due to Covid and OHA rules.


Operated by Ashland Institute of Massage, Chrysalis Massage Clinic offers high-quality therapeutic treatments to the public at community-friendly prices.

Our professional massage clinic is staffed by hand-selected AIM graduates who have excelled in our massage school program.

Chrysalis Massage Clinic is located at 280 E. Hersey St., Suite B-17, in the Hersey Street Business Park.


Chrysalis aims to make massage available to everyone as part of a healthy self-care regimen. At the same time, Chrysalis enables AIM graduates to build private clientele at the start of their professional careers. Therapists are versed in a variety of modalities, including Swedish massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular and deep-tissue therapies, therapeutic assessment, and rehabilitative treatment. Occasionally, therapists offer Thai massage, craniosacral therapy, or other specialized modalities depending on individual trainings. For information on scheduling an appointment or available therapists, please call the AIM office at 541.482.5134.

Schedule an Appointment

The Chrysalis Massage Clinic is open every day. You can use our online scheduler below to book an appointment or call 541.482.5134.

Payment is due at the time of scheduling to reserve your appointment. There is no refund for sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Therapist Bios


Susan Phelps, BA, LMT, holds space for each client with a skilled, soothing and intuitive approach, providing deep relaxation. Always a student of the body, her mixture of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and MyoFascial Release is informed by her curiosity in continued education. Susan’s specialty is Foot Reflexology, which she believes is a holistic pathway to healing the body.

Puanani Reid, LMT,imbues the peacefulness from her beginnings on a boat in the Pacific to every interaction. Her thoughtful, settled, confident touch helps clients move through pain into relaxation and joyful movement. Her innate sensitive receptivity and curiosity guide her sessions to meet each clients needs. When not in the treatment room, Puanani enjoys the outdoors, mushroom biology, geology, and watercolor.

Moira Volz, LMT,offers a balanced therapeutic session that encourages the body to flow through the techniques of Myofascial release, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. She honors the healing relationship, providing deep listening, attuning to the comfort and care of each client. Moira has a passion for learning, exploring the mind body connection and the rejuvenation of nature.

Kelly Gaudin, LMT,believes that consistent self-care is essential to creating and maintaining optimal health and well being, with bodywork as an integral component. Kelly’s calming and focused presence supports client confidence, relaxation and healing. Skilled in Swedish massage, Myofascial release, Reflexology, Hydrotherapy and Pregnancy massage, clients favor her full-body wellness massage, inviting deep calm and nervous system rebalancing. Among the blessings that Kelly counts are her beloved daughter, meaningful human relationships and helping others.

Aimee Michel, BA, LMT, specializes in Swedish relaxation and deep-tissue massage, incorporating MFR and Thai massage techniques to provide a varied yet personalized massage experience customized to meet each client’s unique needs. Her clinical training in therapeutic chiropractic massage has honed her ability to help clients move from injury or illness to increased mobility and pain-free living. Aimee is an aspiring amateur comic, and when she’s not practicing life altering bodywork, she enjoys writing comedy, Irish set dancing, cooking meals that include Tabasco, and camping all over the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

Venessa Johnson, LMT, is a 2006 Ashland Institute of Massage graduate specializing in Swedish technique, deep tissue, Reiki, and reflexology. Her mature and nurturing presence creates a safe invitation to fully relax. A typical session with Venessa encourages stress release and relaxation while supporting balance through her therapeutic healing touch and deeply centered presence. Venessa enjoys spending free time with her family, including her three children.

Luc Dyssegard, LMT, is a 2015 AIM graduate. Preferring a clinical approach to massage, he specializes in MFR and deep tissue techniques, striving to help his clients move and feel better and decrease pain and immobility caused by acute or chronic injury while also providing a space for deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Aspiring to meet the needs of each client, he tailors his work to specific requests, integrating and balancing separate modalities for a holistic experience. Luc loves the great outdoors and spends his free time hiking and biking around all the gorgeous landscapes Ashland has to offer.

Trout America, BA, LMT has been a member of the AIM team ever since graduating from AIM in 2011. He specializes in therapeutic and sports massage but provides fabulous relaxation massages as well. It is not uncommon for his clients to become relaxed enough to fall asleep, even during deep-tissue work. His sessions typically address one or two areas of focus while incorporating the rest of the body to integrate the work done. When not massaging, Trout enjoys outdoor adventuring, particularly sailing to the South Pacific and Hawaii.

Sara GlassSara Glass, LMT, integrates specific therapeutic techniques with a calming presence. She combines Swedish, neuromuscular/deep-tissue therapy, and myofascial release with craniosacral therapy and Reiki energy work. Her attentive listening skills, intuition, and ability to make accurate structural assessments enable her to provide effective treatment plans for her clients’ needs and goals. Believing our quality of life can be enhanced by the release of stress, tension, and pain, Sara creates a peaceful and caring environment with every session.

>Lonnie Smith, BS,LMT, graduated from AIM in 2013. Skilled in Swedish massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular facilitation, and deep tissue, he brings a diverse educational background in Western allopathic medicine. Lonnie intuitively recognizes each person’s uniqueness, taking individual physical, mental, and emotional experiences into account as he seeks the most effective treatment to alleviate stress, bring balance to the body, and help his clients reach their full potential of wellness and vitality. Currently gaining experience with lymphatic drainage, reflexology, and hot stone therapy, Lonnie strives to continue learning new skills.

Raven Borgilt, LMT, grew up in the bodywork community, and the art of massage has always come naturally to her. While creating a rhythm and flow for a relaxing yet therapeutic experience, she prioritizes her clients’ desires while responding to what presents itself in the moment. Migrating toward a therapeutic approach, Raven implements client stretching and movement, connective tissue release, deep-tissue work, and Swedish massage techniques. In her free time, Raven enjoys oil painting; spending time with her horse and friends; fitness; and being in nature.