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Chrysalis Massage Clinic (book a session)

Chrysalis Massage Clinic of Ashland Institute of Massage (AIM)

Services and Session Offerings

Chrysalis Massage Clinic is a professional, therapeutic massage business.

As a sister business to the Ashland Institute of Massage, we are upheld by the same standards.

Chrysalis Clinic offers high-quality treatments to the public at community-friendly prices.


Therapists are well versed in a variety of the following modalities:

   Swedish Massage                            Neuromuscular Therapy

Myofascial Release                               Deep Tissue Therapy 

Therapeutic Assessment                        Rehabilitative Treatment

(View our Therapist’s Bios below)

Occasionally therapists may offer Thai Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, or other specialized modalities depending on individual training.

Our office is able to recommend therapists around the community if we are not able to fill your specific needs.


Rates & Scheduling Appointments

We are now accepting HMA Insurance clients! 

(HMA: If you are having difficulty finding an appointment that fits your schedule, please contact the office)


Time-of-Service Discounts

The following prices reflect a discount given for paying previous to or at the time of service.
If you are not paying at the time of service, please see bottom of the page for our full rates.

60 Minute Session – $75.00
90 Minute Session – $100.00
120 Minute Session – $130.00


Senior / Veterans Discount

60 Minute Session – $65.00
90 Minute Session – $85.00
120 Minute Session – $115.00

Use our online scheduler below to book an appointment or call 541.482.5134.
The Chrysalis Massage Clinic is open Monday-Saturday at varying times depending on therapist availability .
(There is no refund for sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice)


THERAPIST SPOTLIGHT: 10% off a session with Ray Estes! Valid all through November using code “RAY10”.

COVID protocols as well as insurance billing information at the bottom of this page.


Therapist Bios

Our therapists are all superb, bringing their own skill sets and personalities to their work. If you are desiring a certain type of massage or outcome, read their bios below to find a therapist who may best suit your needs. Our Clinic Manager is also available by phone to help you choose your best fit.

Moira Volz, LMT, offers a balanced therapeutic session that encourages the body to flow through the techniques of myofascial release, Swedish, and deep-tissue massage. She honors the healing relationship, providing deep listening as she attunes to the comfort and care of each client. Moira has a passion for learning, exploring the mind-body connection and the rejuvenation of nature.

Raven Borgilt, LMT, grew up in the bodywork community, and the art of massage has always come naturally to her. While creating a rhythm and flow for a relaxing yet therapeutic experience, she prioritizes her clients’ desires while responding to what presents itself in the moment. Migrating toward a therapeutic approach, Raven implements client stretching and movement, connective tissue release, deep-tissue work, and Swedish massage techniques. In her free time, Raven enjoys oil painting; spending time with her horse and friends; fitness; and being in nature.

Ray Estes, LMT,
Born and raised in the Rogue Valley, Ray is an advocate for outdoor adventure, music, and massage. When entering a treatment room with Ray, there is a strong sense of peace accompanied by his humble, methodical and unassuming approach to the body. His practice is thorough, and his compassionate hands create a space for the body to sink into and speak its truth. Ray specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Myofascial Work. He creates a wonderful container for calm and steady healing. You can expect pain and stress to slip away, while regaining healthy mobility and ease of movement throughout your body.

Susan Phelps, BA, LMT, holds space for each client with a skilled, soothing, and intuitive approach, providing deep relaxation. Always a student of the body, her mixture of Swedish, deep tissue, and myofascial release is informed by her curiosity in continued education. Susan’s specialty is foot reflexology, which she believes is a holistic pathway to healing the body.

Luc Dyssegard, LMT, prefers a clinical approach to massage. Specializing in MFR and deep-tissue techniques, he strives to help his clients move and feel better by decreasing pain and immobility related to acute or chronic injury. Partnering with each client to meet their specific requests, Luc integrates and balances separate modalities for a holistic structural bodywork experience. Luc loves the great outdoors and spends his free time hiking and biking around all the gorgeous landscapes Ashland has to offer.

Kelly Gaudin, LMT, believes consistent self-care is essential to creating and maintaining optimal health and well-being—with bodywork as an integral component. Kelly’s calming and focused presence supports client confidence, relaxation, and healing. She is skilled in Swedish massage, myofascial release, reflexology, hydrotherapy, and pregnancy massage. Clients favor her full-body wellness massage, which invites deep calm and nervous system rebalancing. Her beloved daughter, meaningful human relationships, and helping others are among the blessings Kelly counts.



COVID Protocols

    • Masks will be required upon entering the clinic space. For client comfort, we have arranged protocols that allow you to have your mask OFF while FACE DOWN on the table. Your therapist will be masked for the entirety of your session.
    • Reminder to bring your own mask. If you find yourself maskless, a complimentary mask will be provided to you for your session.
    • Sanitation protocols will continue to be put to use between each client, as they always have in the history of our clinic.
    • Please wait in your car when you arrive, your therapist will greet you at the door when ready.
    • If you are not feeling well, please contact the office to reschedule your appointment.



Our current rate as of 10/28/2021 is $35.00 per unit for massage therapy.


We are now accepting HMA Insurances! HMA requires a $25.00 copay. You may book and pay the co-pay online or call into the office. Please bring a copy of your insurance card as well as your ID with you for your first visit. If you are visiting outside of office hours, the office may contact you to send that information in via email or phone.

For a temporary time, this is the only insurance we are able to work with. We are moving towards expanding to work with Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon in the very near future! Next from there we will expand even further to work PIP and Auto Accident Claims.